Our Mission

Wilderness Made sells quality outdoor apparel and accessories, donating the profit to NGOs which support the product’s regional area or use.


Our company’s mission is the product of years of outdoor experience combined with a passion for environmental protection.  We have multiple decades of commercial guiding experience.  During those years we  tested new gear, gathered marketing material, fixed old gear, and guided trips for many different companies across the outdoor spectrum.  We have also spent a countless amount of money on personal gear to support our hobbies and lifestyle.  One consistent frustration we feel is not seeing the profit supporting the outdoor areas we impact and use.  This frustration is why we choose to donate 100% of our profit to protect Wilderness & Wildlife.  We pay ourselves fairly for our work – all the extra money generated is donated to protect the things we love.  We value experience far more than possessions, and hope to spread that passion.

Our Products

We design, research and source our products in hope they speak for themselves.   Our designs are unique and reflect the wilderness or wildlife they support.   All our raw materials are high quality and sourced as environmentally friendly as possible.  We only carry products we use ourselves.  They are thoroughly tested before we release them.

Who We Support

In general, we are aiming to support smaller non-profits which are not overly bloated and bureaucratic.  We run this company as efficiently and effectively as possible, and want to support other organizations which do the same.   Our goal is to minimize our salary and maximize donations, as well as being transparent in the process.

If have and opinions on the organizations we support, or a suggestion for another we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to team up on a specific product to support an organization, we would love to make that happen.  Drop us a line with the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The Owners

We are the founders of Wilderness Made; Jared and Gigi.  The two of us have guided, volunteered, traveled, and explored across the US and abroad.  We live in a box truck which is converted into a tiny home.  It runs on waste vegetable oil, is powered by solar, and has a wood burning stove for warmth.


Sustainability is our way of life.  We only eat the meat we catch or kill and believe in local food production (also known as gardening).  We love to kayak, climb, bike, ski, backpack, fish, hunt, and anything else outdoors.  Our goal is to preserve these wild spaces and species for the next generations to enjoy.

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