Salmon & Halibut Fishing at Chinook Shores in Ketchikan, Alaska

We spent a week fishing for Salmon and Halibut at Chinook Shores lodge up in Ketchikan Alaska.  The trip was organized by Roger and Lorna Nichols, Colorado residents who have been making an annual pilgrimage to fish in Alaska for 20+ years.

The Fishing

The fishing was amazing.  When it was on, doubles and triples were normal.  Most of the time we couldn’t re-bait fast enough to keep up with the bite.  The trip was at the end of July.  We were late for Kings, but right in the thick of the Pink run, with Cohos just starting to show up. The video really speaks for itself – check it out and you will see first hand how good the fishing was

Chinook Shores

Everything about the lodge – Chinook Shores – is top notch.  The “cabins” are far nicer than the house truck we live in.  Comfortable sleeping areas with a nice kitchen and bathrooms to keep your group ready to get on the water.  The best part of the lodge is the self guided boats.  We stepped into our craft and immediately felt like it was ours.  They are all set up with everything you would want to fish.  There are way-points on the GPS of the best spots, an unlimited supply of herring in the freezer, and well maintained gear so your drag won’t explode if you do hook into that big King.    On top of this when you get back with a full fish box you unload it and they take care of the rest.  We left with 360 lbs of filled, flash frozen, vacuum sealed, and boxed fish.  That’s from five days of three of us fishing.  I can not recommend them enough.

Downrigger Camera

Another exciting part of this trip was pioneering our downrigger camera.  We are very pleased with the results.  It’s awesome to see how Salmon behave underwater.  Watching the footage of underwater hookups can dial in your trolling speed/technique.   We learned we’re often trolling too fast.  At one point in the video we troll through a school of 50-100 fish.  It’s also amazing how long these fish will follow your lure, and how often they strike and miss the hook.

Check out the video, and see for yourself.

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  • Thomas Cappiello

    May 27, 2018 at 6:00 pm Reply

    Really cool, seems like the flashers actually compromise the hooking even though they might be essential for attracting fish.

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