We are looking for like minded folks to rep our products

A lot of folks have hit us up on social media looking to rep our products.  We’re streamlining the application process.

Read over the info below.  If you’re interested in our mission and think you’ll be a good fit, we’d love to have you in our community.  After you apply we will review your application and send an email outlining the program.



  • Aware and responsible individuals who prioritize care for the earth/wildlife.  Our first priority is having reps who reflect our mission.  The profit from this company is donated to protect Wilderness & Wildlife.  We want community members who respect wild fish, pick up trash, forage responsibly, take clean and respectful shots while hunting, and so on.
  • Active and engaged on social media.  Simply put we are looking for individuals who post regularly and have an active following on any social media platform.  It is more important to have a quality community rather than a large one.
  • Location.  We want to know the location you recreate.  The Our Water series is geographic and we already have reps from specific areas.  We are looking to fill in the gaps.


If all this sounds good to you please apply below.  We are excited about expanding our community, and want our company to grow with you.